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We use campaigns and research to make a difference to people’s lives. Using the insight you give us to provide evidence to those making decisions on the impact they are having and what we can do if we work together.

Much of what we do is not advertised, identifying issues through your, anonymised, stories and raising them with local officials and organisations so they understand the impact of the decisions they are making and affect change. Some of it is working with residents directly, informing the wider community about change and what we can do to support residents through it.


What we've done

Previously we reported our concern to Haringey council highlighting the impact a lack of financial support during a crisis is having on residents.  As part of this work, we provided evidence to the council about the necessity for a Welfare Support Fund, they listened to your stories and took immediate action introducing the household support fund for Haringey residents.

Using the information from our clients, we recognised there was insufficient advice available to residents in the private rented sector.  This led to us partnering with law students and establishing a service to provide advice to those in the private rented sector.

Our ongoing work

We know it’s not just the cost of living that has impacted everyone’s energy costs, and sometimes there just isn’t enough money.  Rather than stand on the sidelines, we actively participate in the energy saving week each year to ensure there is information available to those who want to lower their energy usage.

Scam Awareness is a hot topic at the moment but something we at Citizens Advice Haringey have been concerned about for some time.  By the time residents reach out to us for support they may have lost many thousands of pounds and we needed to find a way to try to stop it from happening.  Each year we participate in Scam Awareness week and have been giving talks to local organisations on how to spot a scam and what you can do about it.  Our aim is to educate those who are working with vulnerable residents to help them identify a scam and take basic protection.

What we are looking at now

Transition onto Universal Credit from other benefits:

In July 2023 many Haringey residents, alongside North London residents, who are claiming older “legacy” benefits will be moved onto Universal Credit. This will happen over the next two years. We know from previous changes that some residents find these changes challenging so we are meeting with the DWP and working together to try and ensure that we have the information available for residents who may be affected.

  • we will add information to our website on the changes and what they will mean to you,
  • we will produce a basic leaflet so you can get the information you need,
  • we will host online workshops for those affected by the change or fear they will be,
  • we will host pop up advice days based on, but not limited to, the changes, where you can come and see us face to face,
  • we will monitor the impact and address it with those who can take action to help.

National Citizens Advice

We work not just locally but participate in National Campaigns and Research, we provide the evidence of what residents are struggling with and this evidence is used to try to influence change. Currently National Campaigns are working on.

  • The Government should introduce an energy social tariff by 2024 to help households in need and make homes warmer by improving energy efficiency. The withdrawal of the Energy Bill Support Scheme will also still mean the average monthly bill rose by £67 from April 2023.
  • There are concerns about sanctions and conditionality measures for those on welfare. The National Citizens Advice’s recent report shows how in work conditionality can be damaging, particularly for disabled people, parents and carers.
  • Ending the Prepayment Meter Premium was good news but many will still struggle to top up their meters. There needs to be a wider package of reforms to address the scale and depth of the issues we have uncovered in the PPM market.